Phenotypic heterogeneity, community and ecosystem functioning

I collaborate with three colleagues on several experiments aiming at studying the consequences of predator phenotype on prey community structure and ecosystem functioning. Using mesocosm and experimental lakes, we can link individual physiological, morphological and behavioral state to individual diet and study the consequences of personality bias on prey abundance, diversity and nutrient fluxes. I am for example involved in developing frameworks linking phenotypic traits and ecosystem functioning in invaded species (Juette et al. 2014, Raffard et al. 2017). Model species included largemouth bass, mosquitofish, lizards and crayfish.

Collaborators: A. Sih, T. Brodin, E. Bestion, J. Cucherousset, S. Blanchet, A. Lecerf, A. Raffard

Project status: Still going on, but slowly making progress

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