Evolutionary ecology of dispersal and spatially structured populations

Another major project focuses on the ultimate causes and  internal and external triggers of dispersal. We are particularly interested in the resulting dispersal syndrome (i.e. phenotypic specialization in dispersers), its dependency on environmental context (i.e. conditional dispersal syndrome), and the consequences for meta-population and meta-community in a context of global change.

We couple experimental approaches on single species (e.g. common lizards) or on multiple species (e.g. Dispnet, https://dispnet.github.io/) with a modelling approach and examine syndromes using both physiological, morphological, behavioural and genomic approaches (in independent studies or all together when we have a chance). Our ultimate purposes is to highlight syndromes in an integrative way, from their multiple causes to their multiple eco-evolutionary consequences.

Collaborators: E. Bestion, F. Pellerin, R. Aguilée, J. Salmona, D. Legrand, S. Jacob, L. Winandy, E. Fronhofer, the dispnet team

Project status: currently going on

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