Current funding:

ECOFEED (Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate), ERC consolidator grant (2019-2024)

FRAIB Molecular basis of responses to climate change: an experimental evolution approach (2018-2019)

Past funding:

Young researcher ANR research grant (2013-2017, PI)

European project Biodiversa (2014-2017, Co-PI with S. Blanchet),

TRAM-MIDPYR (2015-2017, Projet Region, PI: Michel Baguette, Role: Participant)

Fyssen foundation research grant (2011-2012 Role: PI, 2012-2013 Role: Participant PI: J. Cucherousset)

IDEX University of Toulouse: Emergence 2013 (PI: J. Cucherousset, Role: Participant)

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