Research themes

Evolutionary ecology of global changes, genetic and environmental determinism of phenotypic variation,  consequences of phenotypic variation from population to ecosystem functioning.


New position available:

Postdoctoral researcher – Above-belowground interactions in a changing climate (

New articles:

Raffard A., Bestion E., Cote J., Haegeman B., Schtickzelle N. and S. Jacob. (2022) Dispersal syndromes can link intraspecific trait variability and meta-ecosystem functioning. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. DOI:https://doi-org/10.1016/j.tree.2021.12.001

Le Balle R., Cote J., Fernandez F.A.S. (2021) Evidence for animal personalities in two Brazilian tortoises (Chelonoidis denticulatus and Chelonoidis carbonarius) and insights for their conservation. Appl Anim Behav Sci 105400.

Winandy L., Di Gesu L., Lemoine M., Jacob S., Martin J., Ducamp C., Huet M., Legrand D. & J. Cote. 2021. Maternal and personal information mediates the use of social cues about predation risk. Behavioral Ecology. 32 (3): 518-528. doi: 10.1093/beheco/araa151

New project:

2019-2024  ECOFEED (Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate),

ERC consolidator grant

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