Research themes

Evolutionary ecology of global changes, genetic and environmental determinism of phenotypic variation,  consequences of phenotypic variation from population to ecosystem functioning.


New articles:

Cote, J., Dahirel, M., Altermatt, F., Ansart, A., Blanchet, S., Chaine, A., Dahirel, M., De Laender, F., De Raedt, J., Jacob, S., Kaltz, O., Laurent, E., Little, C., Madec, L., Manzi, F., Masier, S., Pellerin, F., Pennekamp, F., Therry, L., Vong, A., Winandy, L., Schtickzelle, N., Bonte, D., Fonhofer, E. & D. Legrand. 2022. Dispersal syndromes in challenging environments: a cross-species experiment. Ecology Letters. 25(12): 2675-2687.

Pellerin, F., Bestion, E., Winandy, L., Di Gesu, L., Richard, M., Aguilée, R., & J. Cote. 2022. Connectivity among thermal habitats buffers the effects of warm climate on life-history traits and population dynamics. Journal of Animal Ecology. 91(11): 2301-2313.

Bestion, E., Teyssier, A., Rangassamy, M., Calvez, O., Guillaume, O., Richard, M., Braem, A., Zajitschek, F., Zajitschek, S., & J. Cote. 2022. Adaptive maternal effects shape offspring phenotype and survival in natal environments. American Naturalist. 200(6): 773-789.

Dupoué, A., Blaimont, P., Angelier, F., Ribout, C., Rozen-Rechels, D., Richard, M., Miles, D., Villemereuil, P. de, Rutschmann, A., Badiane, A., Aubret, F., Lourdais, O., Meylan, S., Cote, J., Clobert, J., & Le Galliard, J.-F. 2022. Lizards from warm and declining populations are born with extremely short telomere. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 119 (33) e2201371119.

Raffard A., Bestion E., Cote J., Haegeman B., Schtickzelle N. and S. Jacob. 2022. Dispersal syndromes can link intraspecific trait variability and meta-ecosystem functioning. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 37(4): 322-331.

New project:

2019-2024  ECOFEED (Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate),

ERC consolidator grant

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