Julien Cote

Research themes

We aim at integrating phenotypic heterogeneity (behavioural, morphological and physiological) into population biology, species interactions and ecosystem functioning.


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New articles:

Cote J, Brodin T, Fogarty S & A Sih. 2017. Non-random dispersal mediates invader impacts on the invertebrate community. Journal of Animal Ecology. In press.


Bestion E, Jacob S, Zinger L, Di Gesu L, Richard M, White J & J. Cote. 2017. Climate warming reduces gut microbiota diversity in a vertebrate ectotherm. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1:0161.


Cote J., Bocedi B., Debeffe L., Chudzińska M.E., Weigang H.C., Dytham C., Gonzalez G.,  Matthysen E., Travis J.,  Baguette M. and A. J. M. Hewison. Behavioral synchronization of large-scale animal movements – disperse alone, but migrate together? Biological Reviews. In press.


Cote J., Bestion E., Jacob D., Travis J., Legrand D. & M. Baguette. 2017. Evolution of dispersal strategies and dispersal syndromes in fragmented landscapes. Ecography. 40(1): 56-73.


Legrand D., Cote J., Fronhofer E., Holt R.D., Ronce O., Schtickzelle N., Travis J. & J. Clobert. 2017. Eco-evolutionary dynamics in fragmented landscapes. Ecography. 40(1): 9-25.




Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

Evolution & Diversité Biologique UMR5174

118 route de Narbonne

31062 Toulouse

Phone (from mid-Oct. to mid-May): +335 61 55 61 97
Phone (from mid-May to mid-Oct.): +335 61 04 05 89

E-mail :  julien.cote@univ-tlse3.fr